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චන්දිම ගෝමස්

Professor of Engineering, UPM, Malaysia and Chief Advicer, ACLENet, Uganda Universiti Putra Malaysia Uppsala University Selangor, Malaysia Consultant for a large number of companies in many parts of Asia in Lightning and Transient Protection, Grounding & Bonding, and EMI/EMC One of the Leading Trainers in Lightning Protection and Electrical Safety in Asia and an experienced Engineering Consultant, Professor of Engineering and Physics and a writer Specialties: Inspection, Designing and installation of Lightning Protection and Grounding systems for Structures, High risk installations (Petrochemical, explosive, defence etc.), Electrical and electronic systems (surge protection), LV, MV and HV power systems,Special cases (windmills, hydro-power, water vessels, recreation units etc) Training Programs and workshops on Lightning and Surge Protection, Risk assessment and management, Grounding and Bonding, and Power system Protection.

පියල් ආරියනන්ද

Leading the Innovation team at MAS - Bodyline. Interested in Customer solutions, Disruptive Innovation, Product Innovation, and Business Model Innovation. Previously, Research and Innovation Head for Sri Lanka in BOI invested international company - Midas Safety. I supervise and lead three R&D Laboratories in Sri Lanka. Collaborate with the production team and strategic management team to deliver the best products from the organization and stay ahead of our competitors while providing the best customized Personal Protective Equipment to our valued customers. Senior Lecturer at the Institute of Chemistry, Ceylon. Academic Board Member of the College of Chemical Sciences at the I.Chem.C. Oversee the laboratory teaching, grading, and guiding the undergraduates, for three months. Postdoctoral Research Scientist at Catalytic Research Lab (BASF) involving the investigation of chemical catalytic reduction of CO2;

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