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පියල් ආරියනන්ද

ආචාර්ය පියල් ආරියනන්ද, ජීව අකාබනික රසායන විද්‍යාව අංශයෙන් ඇමරිකාවේ ඩෙලවෙයා විශ්ව විද්‍යාලයෙන් ආචාර්ය උපාධිය ලබා වසර කිහිපයක් එහිම විද්‍යා පර්යේෂකයෙකු ලෙස සේවය කර, ජර්මනියේ BASF රසායන ආයතනයෙහි රසායනික උත්ප්‍රේරක සම්බන්ධයෙන් පර්යේෂණ කළ විද්‍යාඥයෙකි. හරිතාගාර ආචරණයට ප්‍රධාන දායකත්‍වයක් දක්වන කාබන් ඩයොක්සයිඩ් වායුව රසායනික සංයෝගවලට පරිවර්තනය කළහැකි රසායනික පර්යේෂණවලට ඉතා ඉහළ දායකත්‍වයක් දී ඇත. ලංකාවට පැමිණි පසු මයිඩාස් සේෆ්ටි ආයතනයෙහි පර්යේෂණ ප්‍රධානී වශයෙන් ද කටයුතු කර, දැනට MAS Holdings අනුබද්ධ Bodyline ආයතනයෙහි නවෝත්පාදන ප්‍රධානී වශයෙන් කටයුතු කරයි. රැකියාවට අමතරව ඔහු විද්‍යාත්මක Blog අඩවියක් පවත්වාගෙන යන අතර රිවිර -රිවිනෙත කලාපයට සතිපතා ලිපි සපයන විද්‍යා ලේඛකයෙකි. මෙයට අමතරව ඔහු නවෝත්පාදන සහ නිර්මාණශීලීත්‍වය පිළිබඳව දේශන සහ වැඩමුළු ද පවත්වයි.

චන්දිම ගෝමස්

Professor of Engineering, UPM, Malaysia and Chief Advicer, ACLENet, Uganda Universiti Putra Malaysia Uppsala University Selangor, Malaysia Consultant for a large number of companies in many parts of Asia in Lightning and Transient Protection, Grounding & Bonding, and EMI/EMC One of the Leading Trainers in Lightning Protection and Electrical Safety in Asia and an experienced Engineering Consultant, Professor of Engineering and Physics and a writer Specialties: Inspection, Designing and installation of Lightning Protection and Grounding systems for Structures, High risk installations (Petrochemical, explosive, defence etc.), Electrical and electronic systems (surge protection), LV, MV and HV power systems,Special cases (windmills, hydro-power, water vessels, recreation units etc) Training Programs and workshops on Lightning and Surge Protection, Risk assessment and management, Grounding and Bonding, and Power system Protection.

චින්තක ද සිල්වා

Dr. Rathgamage Chinthaka Lakshman De Silva who’s alma mater was Royal College Colombo-7 is currently serving as a Research Scientist at the Industrial Technology Institute-Colombo7, functioning under the Ministry of Science Technology and Research. He acquired his Ph.d in Condensed-matter Physics from the University of Colombo where his research area was power and energy - development of cathode materials for rechargeable Sodium-ion batteries. Dr. De Silva possessed his Master of Philosophy degree in Physics in the year 2010 from the Open University of Sri Lanka on ‘Nano composite semiconductor materials’. Publishing his research work through many abstracts and Journals Dr Chinthaka’s research areas concentrated to Physics with Rechargeable batteries, Dye sensitized solar, Graphene synthesis and application, Fourior transformation Infrared Spectroscopy, SEM techniques and electron kinetics. His current major research project contributions are… 1. Further work on production of high quality graphene based materials from local graphite for high tech applications – NRC funded project 2. Reduction of vehicle exhaust emission by nano particle supported adsorption media- Treasury Grant funded. 3. Effective removal of heavy metals and organics from the waste water using TiO2 loaded graphene oxide prepared using local raw materials: A synergistic effect of adsorption and degradation, with University of Jaffna – Funded by University Grant Commission. His works on Development of a test method to determine DCD in milk powders at trace levels using FTIR-ATR technique brought a national concern with case revealing. Collaborative research was done on Novel Mid Infra Red (MIR) / Fourier Transformation Infra Red Spectroscopic (FTIR) Method to quantify Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) in food commodities at International Center for Chemical and Biological Sciences (ICCBS),Karachchi, Pakistan. He was also contributing for the tests to produce reports to the government on national issues such as DCD and Plastic rice. Development of a test method to determine kerosene adulteration in diesel was also one of his contributions. As a Science writer Dr Chinthaka’s science articles in national newspapers found popular among science readers. Obtaining the degree of Commonwealth Executive Master of Business Administration (CE MBA) in year 2011 Dr Chinthaka is also a management practitioner and a consultant where he works as a visiting lecturer to the Department of management, Faculty of Humanities and social sciences-OUSL. Also his contribution sprayed to many paths such as being a Paper panel Examiner to Institute of Charted Accountants of Sri Lanka (ICASL), Trainer-Government Institute of local governance (SLILG), institute for construction training and development ICTAD, Centre for Habitat planning & Development, Institute of Bankers Sri Lanka and Mahaweli authority. Also he has served as the Service Manager to Dewalt and Black & Decker power tools (South Asian region) before he served at the Department of Physics of the Open University of Sri Lanka. He contributes knowledge to uplift the local entrepreneurs to promote for national export sector by working with Export development board and ‘Vidatha’ centers. Organizing and disseminating his knowledge Dr De Silva has organized large number of scientific workshops and programs by working jointly with other governmental institutions. Dr Chinthaka has hold many leading positions in science committees & organizations which include being the General Secretary of Institute of Physics of Sri Lanka in 2015,President E1/SLAAS and General Secretary of SLAAS 2018.

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