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General Chemistry


Author: Aruna Bandara Ranathunga

Publisher: ab publishers  © 2012, ISBN: 978-955-52949-4-2, size A5 pp 186

Content: General Chemistry:  Chemical Analysis and Calculations 

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General Chemistry: Chemical Analysis and Calculations, includes the most important concepts in chemical calculations such as mole, concentration, atomic/molecular masses, stoichiometry oxidation and reduction and some theories behind electrochemistry.

In the advanced level examination, students are tested on their basic knowledge in the analysis of chemical compounds. Therefore the most of the first year students feel difficult in performing in examinations.

Here in this field, students need more numerical or practical experiences during their class work. This text provides almost all basic concepts with simple calculations and practicals in chemical calculations, titrations, and stoichiometry.

Furthermore, this includes a brief question bank with answers at the end of the text.


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